Richard Mothes

My work explores the impermanence of the everyday.  The artwork exists within the past, present and future telling the story of both the individual and environment within the space of their coexistence.  Evoking emotions of loss, anger, regret, loneliness, love and rapture, each artwork invites the viewer to bring their own life experiences to the work.  Nostalgic references are used as transportation to another time, not just as a respite from the present but as a concern for the future.

Paint is applied as a direct reference to the emotional weight felt while creating an individual work of art.  Muted colors give the work a dreamlike atmosphere not placed in a specific time but existing within the mind of the beholder allowing them to bring their own experiences into the composition.  Layers of paint show the countless hours required in creating a work void of time in the infinite space that is memory.  Additional media bring texture to the painterly qualities of the work while adding detail to specific areas where the eye may be asked to pause.  As the work unfolds, a correlation to the frailty of existence begins to take shape leaving it to the viewer to decide where and how it exists.