Richard Mothes, Artist Statement

                Richard is an award-winning artist whose work can be found in many private collections around the world.  Not only is he an artist but also an educator in multiple mediums and sits on the local town arts council of East Hampton, NY.

                 Throughout the years, Rich has been an athletic facility manager, tennis instructor, golf instructor/caddie, equine farm manager/worker, art instructor, high school volleyball coach, high school tennis coach, and is currently vice president of a small family business.  With each of these jobs, it’s always felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until speaking with a few influential artists in the community that the possibility of an art career was given legitimacy. 

                Growing up in ‘The Hamptons’ has always brought with it a stigma of being overtly wealthy and privileged but for Richard, that was not the case. He had what to many would be considered a “normal” upbringing and his early work reflected that. It mainly focused on what childhood was truly like and not what it was perceived by many to be.  Paintings were created to show the beauty and grace of the local residents apart from the lavish lifestyles of the rich and famous.

               Current work is now focused on what constitutes identity and how we distinguish one person from another beyond that of appearance.  Can we see each other’s differences without making judgement?  Are we able to acknowledge those differences while being accepting of their humanity all the same?  Theories on identities and how they may or may not affect varying levels of society can be found within the context of many current works.

                The premise of the images takes on a minimalist approach where any ‘noise’ outside of the main concept being voiced is removed. The viewer may now focus on that which has been deemed necessary and of utmost importance to the artist.  Through painting and other mediums Richard brings a visual context to how the self may influence and be influenced by the outside world.




    Group Show Ashawagh Hall, Springs NY

    Group Show Crazy Monkey Gallery,  Amagansett NY



    Focused Artist The Whiteroom Gallery, Bridgehampton NY



    Group Show Ashawagh Hall, Springs NY


    Group Show Ashawagh Hall, Springs NY


    Group Show Ashawagh Hall, Springs NY

    Group Show "Jeezum Crow Art Walk", Lyndonville VT

    Juried Competition Selection  Catamount Arts, St Johnsbury VT


     Hamptons International Juried Show Finalist, RJD Gallery, Bridgehampton, NY

     Artist for The Clamshell Foundation Sandcastle Contest Benefit, Amagansett, NY



     EHHS 1st Annual Student/Alumni Art Show and Benefit, EH Library, EH NY

     (Artist, Curator, and Organizer)

     Group Show  Ashawagh Hall, Springs NY

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