Throughout my adolescence and early adulthood the world has made drastic moves towards a digital existence.  I received my first email address at 19, and my first cell phone shortly after.  Not before long, the world became immersed in the world wide web.  This obsession with artificial progression has enhanced the quality of our lives tremendously.  However, there are many people who have fought to maintain some type of simpler and to them, a more real existence.  I share many of the same sentiments and prefer to focus my work on physical experiences, many times through the daily activities and innocence of children.  There is a generation of children growing up not knowing what it's like to be free of the manufactured existence that many of us have grown to accept as normal.  It's important to me to show how children are very capable of engaging in simple pleasures of life without concerning themselves with how many “likes” their current activity may draw on social media.  That security they show in their own existence is something that can be easily transferred to society as a whole.   There's something special about participating in an activity or having a thought without worrying how it will be perceived by the online community.  My images are created from time spent with an individual or group and transferring that experience into a body of work.

First Bike

20 x 20 Inches Oil on Canvas