At the very foundation of who we are lies our Identity. Would we all be carbon copies of one another floating through life with no self awareness, like that of algae floating in a pond? At the mercy of the elements with no real semblance of ourselves or anything around us. While our Identity is our most personal characteristic, it is also seems to be one that we have limited control over.   Is it based entirely on genetics? Is it what our driver's license or passport shows? Or, is it a combination of our ancestral DNA, upbringing, color of our skin, culture, country, lived and unlived experiences, creed, social structures, and countless other ways we distinguish ourselves as an individual while still yearning to be accepted?

With our highly connected world, we are much more likely to search for our inner-selves through vast travels and new experiences.  It's easy to become obsessed with finding 'one's true-self'.  By subjecting ourselves to these new life experiences are we are in fact changing our identities?  Perhaps, if we do not already accept and know ourselves for whom we are we cannot catch up to the new self we are creating.  By taking the time to understand ourselves and the varying facets that make us an individual we may be able to direct our growth in a complimentary way to who we would like to become.  This self awareness could instill the confidence needed to withstand outside forces and the possibility of an ill-effect on our well being throughout our lives.