Outside of myself is an exploration of the world within the East Hampton bubble I call home.  An artistic process beginning with open conversation, followed by collaboration, and ending in a visual depiction of the subject as seen through their own eyes breaths life to the innanimate. Each work of art is constructed with the appropriate medium relative to the depictions created as representational works of the subject.  The application of paint, chalk, pastel, charcoal, found objects and other forms of media are used intentionally in the works.  The collaborative process not only strengthens bonds, but challenges previous power structures inherent within the artist/subject dynamic while questioning if the true art lies in the work created or in its creation.

Click the image to hear each subject in their own words

'Lisa' 24 x 24 Inches Mixed Media on Panel

"Outside the Box'' 24 x 18 Inches Pastel on Paper

'Flying High With D' 24 x 18 Inches Pastel on Paper